Dripp: the perfect brew

Dripp is a specialty coffee bar that brings back all the right elements for the perfect brew. In today’s time-starved world, convenience, efficiency and profit margins are the highest priority. Quality and warmth has been left somewhere in this assembly-line method of production. Nowadays, coffee is ordered strictly of routine with the only words exchanged being the order. At Dripp, this model is impressively replaced with passion, dedication and integrity as their main ingredients. They have mastered the art of anticipation with their commitment to hand-pouring each cup. Every sip reflects the quality of their raw materials and attentiveness to the personal satisfaction of each guest.

Why Dripp should be in everyone’s cups?

  1. Unrivaled passion and expertise for coffee.
  2. One cup fits all.
  3. I don’t need coffee, but I always want Dripp.
  4. All of the above

Chino Hills Location

Unrivaled passion and expertise for coffee

With Starbucks and Coffee Beans littered across every street in California, how does Dripp continue to flourish against unforgiving competition and the bias toward mass production? Specialization. While it’s undeniable that automation in production provides the highest profit margins, specialization done right can yield the same success with more effective customer satisfaction and loyalty. Simply put, Dripp focuses on its craft and delivers superior quality.

Story Time: Before I began enjoying coffee, a friend of mine dragged me along to Dripp. A combination of caffeine dependency and critical taste buds attracted him to Dripp. Out of curiosity, I ordered a latte for myself.

During this time in my life, I had coffee maybe once or twice a year. One sip in and I was left extremely unimpressed. My first impression and his endorsement for Dripp’s coffee could not be more opposite. Spoiler alert, it was me who did not understand the magic behind their specialized brews. Fast forward about a year or two, I would start my mornings with an occasional latte or brew (Thanks Corporate America). Inevitably an appreciation for coffee began to form, leading me back to Dripp. Equipped with my newfound appreciation for coffee, I ordered a Vanilla Latte and this time around I was unable to remove my lips from the cup.

There is an undoubtable difference between Dripp’s coffee and the competition’s. Whether you enjoy coffee or not, give Dripp a chance. The art of coffee-making is precious and its very essence is found in every dripp here.  

One cup fits all.

The presence at Dripp is captivating regardless of where the guest decides to indulge. In most cases, people will do anything to avoid being sat outside. However, at Dripp, the outside lounge area is often occupied by many customers. This area is shaded, but preserves the openness that accommodates every visitor. Once the sun starts to set, this area comes to life with cozy lighting, relaxing music and peaceful stillness.

A rustic contemporary ambience greets everyone who steps foot inside. To maximize occupancy Dripp offers two levels, but in order to secure a spot on the second floor luck has to be on your side. Whether you spend a few minutes or a whole day there, the visual appeal of the interior never becomes stale. Be careful though, you may plan for a short visit and find yourself there for hours.

Have a date, but don’t know where to go? Dripp. Need a place to study with caffeine readily available? Dripp. Looking for a cool and casual location to catch up with friends? Look no further. Searching for a cozy place to call home? You guessed it. That last one may have been an exaggeration, but you get the point. Any occasion is more enjoyable at Dripp.

Each box of coffee is uniquely designed.

I don’t need coffee, but I always want Dripp.

Two of the most powerful forces in the consumer market: needs and wants. While they both operate toward the same end goal, the customer is affected differently by each. Without getting into a complex discussion about economics and human behavior, the bottom-line: desire is more valuable than necessity for businesses. Consumers driven by need will satisfy it through the quickest and most convenient means. On the other hand, customers driven by wants bring loyalty and consistent business along with them. So which side of the market does Dripp appeal to? Hint: starts with a w.

Do I need coffee? Absolutely not. Do I want coffee? Yes, on many occasions, I do crave a cup or two. In a perfect world, whenever a coffee craving manifests I would go to Dripp. Don’t just take my word for it, go to the nearest location and savor every dripp.

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