5 Reasons Why Anyone Can Benefit From the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale

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While a food scale may be seen exclusively useful to the fitness community, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

From the most extreme fitness competitors to the average everyday consumer, the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale can provide (1) more precision and accuracy to every meal. Unsurprisingly, food scales also greatly (2) benefit people who track their nutritional intake. (3) Converting between different units is no longer an issue or hassle when you have the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale.  (4) Efficiency in the kitchen is enhanced dramatically with this food scale by your side! If these four reasons weren’t enough, the Greater Good Food Scale is (5) so inexpensive and easy to use that you’d be losing more without one in the kitchen.

Increased Precision and Accuracy

Whether you’re a particular person or a recipe calls for exact measurements, the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale delivers with exceptional performance. This digital food scale switches between four measuring units: grams, pounds and ounces, fluid ounces and milliliters. With four weighing sensors, the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale ensures accuracy within .1oz/1 gm. Now all recipes can be followed to exact measurements ensuring the best result and quality!

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Nutritional Tracking

Nutritional tracking is essential in any stage of your fitness journey: cutting, maintaining or bulking. Without a food scale, achieving the optimal results is practically impossible. But with the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale, nutritional intake can be simplified and taken to the next level.

Casually measuring out some blueberries

Unit Conversions

Q: What do chemistry and the kitchen have in common?
A: Eventually you have to do unit conversions for formulas/recipes.

Protein shakes have never been more precise!

With just a press of button, units are converted between different units nearly instantaneous. The Greater Goods Digital Food Scale effortlessly switches between the four most common measuring units: grams, pounds and ounces, fluid ounces and milliliters. No longer will you have to use multiple calculators, Google searches and mental math to convert between units!

Converting with just a press of a button!

Optimized Efficiency in the Kitchen

Because the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale eliminates the need to use multiple measuring utensils there is less time and waste used in the kitchen. Unless you enjoy washing dishes, this is great news!

Look at all the measuring utensils that you no longer need in the back!

Spending less time in the kitchen and more time eating sounds like a win to me.

Easy and Inexpensive to Use

At a price tag of less than $10, this scale will save you hundreds of dollars with its addition to your kitchen.

2 CR2 batteries is all that’s needed to use the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale (included) and then you’re all set! Plus this scale is very lightweight so it’s easy to bring it on the go and use it wherever.

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