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Studies have shown that exposure to light has adverse effects on sleep quality. No matter how warm the bed is, the urge to go to the bathroom always forces you out of it. Think twice before you reach for that light switch because it could be the very reason you cannot fall back to sleep after emptying your bladder. Light exposure sends signals to your body that it’s time to wake up, resulting in abnormal circadian rhythms (sleep cycles). With the eufy Lumi Night Light, overexposure to light will no longer be an issue!

Have you ever fumbled around in the dark looking for the light switch?

Yeah, me too. The eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light completely erases this out of your night-time routine! This night light emits soft and comfortable illumination without any glare so your eyes barely need to adjust. Say goodbye to squinting when your eyes have not yet adjusted to the bright lights. To make things even better, this whole process is automatic thanks to its light sensor. No need to manually adjust the level of brightness or unplug it because of the functionality of the light sensor. I have never seen these night lights turn on before dusk which impressed me the most.

Both your eyes and electric bill will thank you for utilizing these night lights. Annually they cost less than 30 cents in electrical costs (based on 12 hours of usage a day). Can you think of anything that costs less than 30 cents? Imagine the money you’d save without using the bathroom lights every time you go!

The eufy Lumi Night Lights have a simple and clean look that’ll upscale any room you decide to plug them into. I personally have one in the kitchen area and it definitely adds more character whether it is on or not. Due to their compact size and ingenious design, the second outlet remains usable. This is really convenient because devices no longer have to be unplugged to accommodate its needs.

Any product that makes your life easier or betters quality of life is a win in my book. The eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Lights have checked all these boxes effortlessly!

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