Omomo: Tackling California’s Drought One Tea at a Time

Save Water, Drink Omomo

With a headline like that, Omomo Tea Shoppe not only quenches the people’s thirst, but they also tackle one of the biggest global problems of our decade. How could you not get behind that?! Since its expansion to Chino Hills, Omomo cups have been spreading like a virus.

What Makes Omomo Special?

Without really thinking about it, I attributed their success to the novelty they brought to Chino Hills. It replaced a Sharetea, which was for the most part performing averagely and aging poorly. However, there has to be something more that keeps their lines out the door and parking lot full.

Secret Formula = Unique Variety + Competitive Prices + Perfected Quality

Omomo’s Menu Breakdown

  • Creamomo
  • Cafe
  • Milk Tea
  • Fresh Tea
  • Fruit Tea
  • Specials

The Creamomo is the most revolutionary drink that Omomo serves. Cheese foam was a polarizing phenomenon for tea and boba drinks for the past few years. Omomo perfected its application in tea drinks and created masterpieces. The Creamomo is either cheese foam or tiramisu foam blended with various tea flavors and brews. Whichever location you visit, you must order at least one of these blends! Their prices range from $3.75 to $5.25, which is quite reasonable considering a lot of their menu items you can’t get anywhere else. Omomo is unmatched in Chino Hills in terms of quality, variety and differentiation which is why I believe they’re taking the tea market by storm there.

Matcha Creamomo w/ boba & Uji Green Milk Tea

The Future of Omomo

I have no doubt that Omomo will continue to be successful for years to come, but I definitely see their traffic settling down to more of a consistent flow as time goes by. This is the inevitable trend for most new businesses. The best way to stay relevant in the horde of tea shop invasion is to open more locations. I have a feeling they’ll open a location in Los Angeles in the near future. Just a speculation. Omomo has locations in Irvine (Orange County) & Chino Hills (San Bernadino County), the next county to conquer would be Los Angeles.

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Is Yelp Elite Actually Worthwhile?

I have a bit of explaining to do since I have been gone for 2 months. Well if you haven’t guessed it yet, a big reason for that was my journey from Yelp Nobody to Yelp Elite!

Why I Pursued Yelp Elite

There were a few reasons why I wanted that elusive Yelp Elite badge, but here are the main 3

  • Exclusivity

There is something so attractive about the unobtainable (whether it be people, status or objects) and this proves to be true on Yelp as well. The sparkly badge that accompanies your name on Yelp signals to others that you’re on the upper echelon of reviewers.

With that said, the title is not only for show, but yelp users and businesses alike take those reviews more seriously due to their increased credibility. The reason Yelp Elite is so exclusive is because in order to get it a reviewer has to be nominated. The good news is you can nominate yourself (usually another Yelp Elite nominates you), the bad news it has to be approved by Yelp. But once you’re in it’s easy to maintain just keep writing quality reviews, taking aesthetic photos and interacting in the community!

  • Improved Promos/Freebies

So with the Yelp Elite status comes more opportunities to participate in exclusive Yelp events and special openings. While I haven’t been part of the Yelp Elite squad for long, I definitely have browsed the events to see what I now can take part in. The variety of events was really shocking to me. From soft restaurant openings to early morning yoga (and everything in between), Yelp caters to almost every niche people could possibly be interested in. The best part is majority of these events are free and you’re able to bring a plus one! Yelp has events almost everyday so I definitely suggest Yelp users to become part of the Yelp Elite squad or at the very least befriend some!

  • Yelp’s Amazing Community

Let’s be real, Yelp would be nothing without its community. Luckily for me and the million other users Yelp’s community is amazing. Yelp values positivity and its platform beautifully encourages it with the compliment feature. Being a Yelp Elite definitely gets you more compliments so keep working towards your badge!

Yelp users are also really helpful, answering questions about food options, parking, price, etc. This is extremely useful when you need answers but don’t want to search or ask someone in real life (it sounds weird, but it’s extremely convenient).

I also really like how the community looks out for each other. For my Yelp journey to Yelp Elite, I was nominated by a fellow elite. This was absolutely crucial in my acceptance into the Yelp Elite Squad.

Some advice for those working towards their badge: interact with Yelp Elite members through compliments, messages and review votes.

Even outside of the Yelp Elite Squad, the community serves all Yelp users and keeps the cyberspace productive, positive and engaging! Hope to see some of you on Yelp and don’t be shy to add me on other platforms as well!

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