Omomo: Tackling California’s Drought One Tea at a Time

Save Water, Drink Omomo

With a headline like that, Omomo Tea Shoppe not only quenches the people’s thirst, but they also tackle one of the biggest global problems of our decade. How could you not get behind that?! Since its expansion to Chino Hills, Omomo cups have been spreading like a virus.

What Makes Omomo Special?

Without really thinking about it, I attributed their success to the novelty they brought to Chino Hills. It replaced a Sharetea, which was for the most part performing averagely and aging poorly. However, there has to be something more that keeps their lines out the door and parking lot full.

Secret Formula = Unique Variety + Competitive Prices + Perfected Quality

Omomo’s Menu Breakdown

  • Creamomo
  • Cafe
  • Milk Tea
  • Fresh Tea
  • Fruit Tea
  • Specials

The Creamomo is the most revolutionary drink that Omomo serves. Cheese foam was a polarizing phenomenon for tea and boba drinks for the past few years. Omomo perfected its application in tea drinks and created masterpieces. The Creamomo is either cheese foam or tiramisu foam blended with various tea flavors and brews. Whichever location you visit, you must order at least one of these blends! Their prices range from $3.75 to $5.25, which is quite reasonable considering a lot of their menu items you can’t get anywhere else. Omomo is unmatched in Chino Hills in terms of quality, variety and differentiation which is why I believe they’re taking the tea market by storm there.

Matcha Creamomo w/ boba & Uji Green Milk Tea

The Future of Omomo

I have no doubt that Omomo will continue to be successful for years to come, but I definitely see their traffic settling down to more of a consistent flow as time goes by. This is the inevitable trend for most new businesses. The best way to stay relevant in the horde of tea shop invasion is to open more locations. I have a feeling they’ll open a location in Los Angeles in the near future. Just a speculation. Omomo has locations in Irvine (Orange County) & Chino Hills (San Bernadino County), the next county to conquer would be Los Angeles.

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