My New Project & Focus: ABC Garage

For the first 4 months, Reviewoholic had somewhat consistent content and traffic rate, but somewhere in the last month things have seemed to fallen. The main explanation to that is my newfound focus on my Youtube channel ABC Garage.

So the main question to be asked is “will you still be doing reviews?” and the simple answer is “yes”, but it’ll be solely on Yelp. Currently for Yelp, I’m on my way to the max friends (5000 friends) so if you want to connect on there be quick!

Back to ABC Garage, the one passion/interest that has been sustained throughout my whole life besides video games has been cars. Since I was young (maybe like 5-6 years old) I’ve dreamt about modifying my own car. Of course you have your dream cars and dream builds, but all that really matters when you’re building your car is making it feel like yours and being excited to drive it everyday (any car person will agree with this). With my first car purchase being last year, I knew this was my start in building cars on an amateur level and a lot of it has already been documented on my Youtube channel.

My Current Build

I like making reviews, but my passion and focus would be more enjoyably spent on my new project ABC Garage. Hope to see you guys there and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this journey with me.

One of my best edited videos (Lexus Experience Amazing Drive Event)

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