My New Project & Focus: ABC Garage

For the first 4 months, Reviewoholic had somewhat consistent content and traffic rate, but somewhere in the last month things have seemed to fallen. The main explanation to that is my newfound focus on my Youtube channel ABC Garage.

So the main question to be asked is “will you still be doing reviews?” and the simple answer is “yes”, but it’ll be solely on Yelp. Currently for Yelp, I’m on my way to the max friends (5000 friends) so if you want to connect on there be quick!

Back to ABC Garage, the one passion/interest that has been sustained throughout my whole life besides video games has been cars. Since I was young (maybe like 5-6 years old) I’ve dreamt about modifying my own car. Of course you have your dream cars and dream builds, but all that really matters when you’re building your car is making it feel like yours and being excited to drive it everyday (any car person will agree with this). With my first car purchase being last year, I knew this was my start in building cars on an amateur level and a lot of it has already been documented on my Youtube channel.

My Current Build

I like making reviews, but my passion and focus would be more enjoyably spent on my new project ABC Garage. Hope to see you guys there and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this journey with me.

One of my best edited videos (Lexus Experience Amazing Drive Event)

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Omomo: Tackling California’s Drought One Tea at a Time

Save Water, Drink Omomo

With a headline like that, Omomo Tea Shoppe not only quenches the people’s thirst, but they also tackle one of the biggest global problems of our decade. How could you not get behind that?! Since its expansion to Chino Hills, Omomo cups have been spreading like a virus.

What Makes Omomo Special?

Without really thinking about it, I attributed their success to the novelty they brought to Chino Hills. It replaced a Sharetea, which was for the most part performing averagely and aging poorly. However, there has to be something more that keeps their lines out the door and parking lot full.

Secret Formula = Unique Variety + Competitive Prices + Perfected Quality

Omomo’s Menu Breakdown

  • Creamomo
  • Cafe
  • Milk Tea
  • Fresh Tea
  • Fruit Tea
  • Specials

The Creamomo is the most revolutionary drink that Omomo serves. Cheese foam was a polarizing phenomenon for tea and boba drinks for the past few years. Omomo perfected its application in tea drinks and created masterpieces. The Creamomo is either cheese foam or tiramisu foam blended with various tea flavors and brews. Whichever location you visit, you must order at least one of these blends! Their prices range from $3.75 to $5.25, which is quite reasonable considering a lot of their menu items you can’t get anywhere else. Omomo is unmatched in Chino Hills in terms of quality, variety and differentiation which is why I believe they’re taking the tea market by storm there.

Matcha Creamomo w/ boba & Uji Green Milk Tea

The Future of Omomo

I have no doubt that Omomo will continue to be successful for years to come, but I definitely see their traffic settling down to more of a consistent flow as time goes by. This is the inevitable trend for most new businesses. The best way to stay relevant in the horde of tea shop invasion is to open more locations. I have a feeling they’ll open a location in Los Angeles in the near future. Just a speculation. Omomo has locations in Irvine (Orange County) & Chino Hills (San Bernadino County), the next county to conquer would be Los Angeles.

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Is Yelp Elite Actually Worthwhile?

I have a bit of explaining to do since I have been gone for 2 months. Well if you haven’t guessed it yet, a big reason for that was my journey from Yelp Nobody to Yelp Elite!

Why I Pursued Yelp Elite

There were a few reasons why I wanted that elusive Yelp Elite badge, but here are the main 3

  • Exclusivity

There is something so attractive about the unobtainable (whether it be people, status or objects) and this proves to be true on Yelp as well. The sparkly badge that accompanies your name on Yelp signals to others that you’re on the upper echelon of reviewers.

With that said, the title is not only for show, but yelp users and businesses alike take those reviews more seriously due to their increased credibility. The reason Yelp Elite is so exclusive is because in order to get it a reviewer has to be nominated. The good news is you can nominate yourself (usually another Yelp Elite nominates you), the bad news it has to be approved by Yelp. But once you’re in it’s easy to maintain just keep writing quality reviews, taking aesthetic photos and interacting in the community!

  • Improved Promos/Freebies

So with the Yelp Elite status comes more opportunities to participate in exclusive Yelp events and special openings. While I haven’t been part of the Yelp Elite squad for long, I definitely have browsed the events to see what I now can take part in. The variety of events was really shocking to me. From soft restaurant openings to early morning yoga (and everything in between), Yelp caters to almost every niche people could possibly be interested in. The best part is majority of these events are free and you’re able to bring a plus one! Yelp has events almost everyday so I definitely suggest Yelp users to become part of the Yelp Elite squad or at the very least befriend some!

  • Yelp’s Amazing Community

Let’s be real, Yelp would be nothing without its community. Luckily for me and the million other users Yelp’s community is amazing. Yelp values positivity and its platform beautifully encourages it with the compliment feature. Being a Yelp Elite definitely gets you more compliments so keep working towards your badge!

Yelp users are also really helpful, answering questions about food options, parking, price, etc. This is extremely useful when you need answers but don’t want to search or ask someone in real life (it sounds weird, but it’s extremely convenient).

I also really like how the community looks out for each other. For my Yelp journey to Yelp Elite, I was nominated by a fellow elite. This was absolutely crucial in my acceptance into the Yelp Elite Squad.

Some advice for those working towards their badge: interact with Yelp Elite members through compliments, messages and review votes.

Even outside of the Yelp Elite Squad, the community serves all Yelp users and keeps the cyberspace productive, positive and engaging! Hope to see some of you on Yelp and don’t be shy to add me on other platforms as well!

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Spare Your Eyes and Electricity with eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Lights

photo from eufy website

Studies have shown that exposure to light has adverse effects on sleep quality. No matter how warm the bed is, the urge to go to the bathroom always forces you out of it. Think twice before you reach for that light switch because it could be the very reason you cannot fall back to sleep after emptying your bladder. Light exposure sends signals to your body that it’s time to wake up, resulting in abnormal circadian rhythms (sleep cycles). With the eufy Lumi Night Light, overexposure to light will no longer be an issue!

Have you ever fumbled around in the dark looking for the light switch?

Yeah, me too. The eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light completely erases this out of your night-time routine! This night light emits soft and comfortable illumination without any glare so your eyes barely need to adjust. Say goodbye to squinting when your eyes have not yet adjusted to the bright lights. To make things even better, this whole process is automatic thanks to its light sensor. No need to manually adjust the level of brightness or unplug it because of the functionality of the light sensor. I have never seen these night lights turn on before dusk which impressed me the most.

Both your eyes and electric bill will thank you for utilizing these night lights. Annually they cost less than 30 cents in electrical costs (based on 12 hours of usage a day). Can you think of anything that costs less than 30 cents? Imagine the money you’d save without using the bathroom lights every time you go!

The eufy Lumi Night Lights have a simple and clean look that’ll upscale any room you decide to plug them into. I personally have one in the kitchen area and it definitely adds more character whether it is on or not. Due to their compact size and ingenious design, the second outlet remains usable. This is really convenient because devices no longer have to be unplugged to accommodate its needs.

Any product that makes your life easier or betters quality of life is a win in my book. The eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Lights have checked all these boxes effortlessly!

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5 Reasons Why Anyone Can Benefit From the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale

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While a food scale may be seen exclusively useful to the fitness community, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

From the most extreme fitness competitors to the average everyday consumer, the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale can provide (1) more precision and accuracy to every meal. Unsurprisingly, food scales also greatly (2) benefit people who track their nutritional intake. (3) Converting between different units is no longer an issue or hassle when you have the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale.  (4) Efficiency in the kitchen is enhanced dramatically with this food scale by your side! If these four reasons weren’t enough, the Greater Good Food Scale is (5) so inexpensive and easy to use that you’d be losing more without one in the kitchen.

Increased Precision and Accuracy

Whether you’re a particular person or a recipe calls for exact measurements, the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale delivers with exceptional performance. This digital food scale switches between four measuring units: grams, pounds and ounces, fluid ounces and milliliters. With four weighing sensors, the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale ensures accuracy within .1oz/1 gm. Now all recipes can be followed to exact measurements ensuring the best result and quality!

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Our tastiest product photo ✌️😋

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Nutritional Tracking

Nutritional tracking is essential in any stage of your fitness journey: cutting, maintaining or bulking. Without a food scale, achieving the optimal results is practically impossible. But with the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale, nutritional intake can be simplified and taken to the next level.

Casually measuring out some blueberries

Unit Conversions

Q: What do chemistry and the kitchen have in common?
A: Eventually you have to do unit conversions for formulas/recipes.

Protein shakes have never been more precise!

With just a press of button, units are converted between different units nearly instantaneous. The Greater Goods Digital Food Scale effortlessly switches between the four most common measuring units: grams, pounds and ounces, fluid ounces and milliliters. No longer will you have to use multiple calculators, Google searches and mental math to convert between units!

Converting with just a press of a button!

Optimized Efficiency in the Kitchen

Because the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale eliminates the need to use multiple measuring utensils there is less time and waste used in the kitchen. Unless you enjoy washing dishes, this is great news!

Look at all the measuring utensils that you no longer need in the back!

Spending less time in the kitchen and more time eating sounds like a win to me.

Easy and Inexpensive to Use

At a price tag of less than $10, this scale will save you hundreds of dollars with its addition to your kitchen.

2 CR2 batteries is all that’s needed to use the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale (included) and then you’re all set! Plus this scale is very lightweight so it’s easy to bring it on the go and use it wherever.

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Platform 909: Your Portal to Hogwarts

Whether you’re part of the Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor House, Platform 909 welcomes all fans of Harry Potter. I have never been a Harry Potter fanatic, but as soon as I heard about Platform 909 I had to go see it for myself! Their name is inspired by the famous Harry Potter Landmark Platform 9 ¾ (I believe the 909 comes from their area code).  

Waves of nostalgia hit me instantly as I took my first steps into the store. The interior of Platform 909 is beautifully decorated with Harry Potter mementos and memorabilia. A few in particular caught my eye immediately: Hogwarts House Banners, Harry’s Firebolt Racing Broom and Sirius Black’s Wanted Poster.

Platform 909 specializes in coffee, teas, and breakfast pastries. Among their vast assortment of drinks, they do have Harry Potter themed beverages. Two of the most noteworthy being the Platform Special and their Hogwarts House Teas. The Platform special is inspired by butter-beer and the Hogwart House Teas are a recent spring addition to their menu.

While Platform 909 does many things right, there are a few areas that can be improved in order to take it to the next level.

The Welcoming Feast Menu

Similar to how the Start of Term Feast or Welcoming Feast outlines the Hogwarts students’ terms; a menu is essentially the customer’s guide to the products and sets the tone of the establishment. At Platform 909 the menu is the only part of the store that has little to no resemblance to the Harry Potter theme. Based on what’s served it would be hard to make every drink/food items based off Harry Potter puns, but there is not a single item on the menu that plays along with the theme. This is concerning because Platform 909’s appeal is surrounded by the fact that it’s a Harry Potter inspired café.

With a few subtle changes to their menu I believe the theme would come alive much more.

The menu feels like it’s missing something…

Accio: Social Media Optimization

Social Media is essential for any business due to the increasing number of online users and the digital dependency that it’s creating. For Platform 909 I believe this is another area it can greatly improve on especially considering the business has no official website.

5 ways to optimize their Social Media platform:

  • encourage use of their hashtag
  • feature customer story posts
  • repost customer posts
  • promote yelp check-in rewards
  • utilize customer shout outs.

By utilizing these strategies social interaction and engagement would increase significantly while also creating stronger relationships between the business and its customers.

While you’re here, check out their IG!

Wizardly Discounts

This could be ignorance on my end, but I noticed there are little to no promotional offers on their products. They do run a $1-dollar discount on waffles if you use the Yelp check in feature, but I believe it would be more effective to run promotions on the drinks due to their order volume over the waffles. Promotions are a necessary evil that every business needs to utilize.

3 reasons why promotions are useful for any business:

  • encourage new customers to try their products
  • helps build recurring customers
  • increase sales volume quickly

In exchange for short-term gain, promotions allow businesses to secure new customers and strengthen customer loyalty.

Final Considerations

Despite all the critiques I’ve made on Platform 909, this Harry Potter themed coffee shop succeeds in countless other ways. The atmosphere is perfect for studying while still maintaining the feeling that you’re in the Harry Potter universe. Their mochi waffles are delicious and compliment any drink you decide to order. Additionally, their diverse drink options allow Platform 909 to accommodate majority of customers.

If you like quality coffee/teas, Harry Potter, waffles or all the above Platform 909 is the place for you!

Reviewoholic Certified Recommendations:

  • Matcha Latte (hot or iced)
  • Vanilla Latte (hot or iced)
  • Mochi Waffle
  • House Golden Milk Tea (their best milk tea)

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Will Hotties Live Up to Howlin’ Ray’s Legacy?

Nashville-style fried chicken is making its way into the Inland Empire with hopes of replicating the success it has in Los Angeles. Hotties Nashville Hot Chicken has joined The Shoppes at Chino Hills and received tremendous reciprocation in its first opening months. But will it live up to its big brother, Howlin’ Ray’s, in Los Angeles? To this day, Howlin’ Ray’s has the most amount of reviews I have ever seen on Yelp (5000+ reviews with a 4.5-star rating). Certainly there is a market for Nashville-style chicken, however Hotties has its work cut out for it.

Story Time: For this review I brought along two of my coworkers (Hensley & Vincent) in order to get a more thorough and well-rounded review. Hensley really loves Nashville-style fried chicken: he eats it weekly and on occasion makes it at home.  All things considered I definitely needed his opinion on Hotties. My second coworker, Vincent, came because he owed me lunch, so bringing him was a no-brainer. I had a lot of anxiety leading up to this visit because I hyped up Hotties to them ever since my first time eating it. Thoughts like “what if they don’t like it?” or “what if it’s not as good today?” raced through my mind all the way up to their first bites.

Our Order
Vincent Two Tender Combo (medium)
Hensley- Slider Combo (spicy)
MeTwo Tender Combo (spicy)

Spice Level Breakdown
No Spice: for customers who either don’t like spicy food or want to enjoy without the cayenne seasoning.
Mild: recommended for those who want a slight hint of the cayenne, but have low spice tolerances.
Medium: perfect for people who enjoy spice and want a consistent level of heat.
Spicy: Now we’re playing with fire, unless your spice tolerance is above average this level should be satisfactory.
Fire: only for those who love torturing their taste-buds and have an insane spice tolerance.

Two Tender Combo (comes with fries, bread, pickles and sauce)

To summarize their opinions in the most honest and concise way, I decided to use quotes said directly by them.

“This was really bomb; but their bread is not as good as Cane’s though. 10/10”


“The chicken has more flavor than the Nashville Hot at KFC, but the spice level is a definitely on the weaker side.”


Luckily for me, Hotties was a huge success for all of us. We left with full stomachs and full intentions of coming back soon!

Their slogan is displayed on both windows of the store (left side)

Now back at the topic at hand: How does Hotties stack up against Howlin’ Ray’s? I will be comparing them based on three crucial criteria: taste, location and market appeal/branding.

In terms of taste, Howlin’ Ray’s definitely has the edge in this department, but Hotties is a close second. The good news is Hotties is still developing and perfecting its product so there is definitely room for growth and improvement. If Hotties improved:

  • evenness of their seasoning
  • strength of their spice levels
  • their side options

it would rival Howlin’ Ray’s pretty convincingly. As they stand now if I had to put numbers to their ratings, Hotties would be 8/10 and Howlin’ Ray’s would be 9/10.

Location is where Hotties has the biggest disadvantage when compared with Howlin’ Ray’s. By no means is Chino Hills a bad location for Hotties, in fact The Shoppes is one of the highest traffic areas in Chino Hills. That being said, Howlin’ Ray’ is in the heart of Los Angeles where the population and opportunities are multiple times greater. For reference, the highest traffic for Hotties may not even equal the lowest traffic of Howlin’ Ray’s simply based off the locational advantage. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done about the location besides moving or opening up another location. But before that Hotties needs to focus on solidifying its market in the Inland Empire and then start its expansion.

Erns Lab Project’s Video Review of Hotties

In my honest opinion, market appeal is Hotties’ second greatest weakness in comparison to Howlin’ Ray’s. Based purely on followers, Hotties is far behind with a mere fraction of Howlin’ Ray’s fan base. Once again I have to mention Hotties is still in its beginning stages of business so that definitely is a huge factor. My suggestion to improve their following is to feature more of their customers’ social media posts to increase engagement on posts. Hottie’s branding is definitely a strong suit because it’s eye-catching and memorable (they need to get an official sign for the store though). Its slogan “thicc thighs save lives” definitely appeals to the younger generation, which is perfect seeing that is the majority of the consumer base.


  • time
  • better social media leverage
  • consistency

I believe Hottie’s branding could match or surpass Howlin’ Ray’s.

Final Take: there is definitely room for improvement, however I look forward to being a regular customer and watching it grow as a company.

Q: Will it match Howlin’ Ray’s success in the future?
A: I’m not sure, but at the very least it can be the Howlin’ Ray’s of the Inland Empire.

Reviewoholic Certified Recommendations

  • Two Tender Combo – the most popular item menu and is the safest introduction to Hotties
  • Slider Combo – for more adventurous consumers who like more combined flavors

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